Stupid in the Dark by Xiu Xiu


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So, who's afraid of the dark then?   7

Lililololaure 2 Dec 2013

New at The Tower of Light, Halls, Gazelle Twin, The Irrepressibles, Fear of Men, The Love Language, Mogwai & Xiu Xiu

ellinem 3 Feb 2014

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therealmusicnet 10 Feb 2014

Nearly the end of the year and I still do not know really what were my 'best' albums of the year. So, I have made a top 20 song list of the year instead. Here at Number 20, the fascinating ... 'Stupid in the dark'   2

Lililololaure 17 Dec 2014

you taught me a lesson, people are stupid in the dark

c8h16o2 20 Nov 2013


Croconut 10 Jul 2014