Easter Theatre by XTC


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A timely re-visiting and re-Jam of this gem from the Apple Venus album.   1

thomasoshea 1 Apr 2015

This time you can sprinkle jellybeans in the sky if it's sunny!   3

netniewoo 22 Feb 2012

People bandy words like 'unique' and 'original' round a lot. But etc... Plus a very quaint little video placed by someone.   2

tom2 4 Apr 2015

A song for the new spring.   2

melvillean 20 Mar 2014

"Buds will laugh and burst Racing to be first Turning all the soil As the prompter's fingers through her spinning script" Happy Easter in whatever fashion you're celebrating.

lightupmyroom 5 Apr 2015

From the excellent "Apple Venus Vol. 1". Happy Easter!   2

Astromonkey 5 Apr 2015