I'd Like That by XTC

pooblemoo’s jam on 5 Sep ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“Tonight was fun. Thanks for the smiles Good Night XXXX”

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Tonight was fun. Thanks for the smiles Good Night XXXX

pooblemoo 29 Jul 2015

Good song for sweet dreams Na'night XXXX

pooblemoo 14 Jul 2013

The mostest charmingest.

lipseyebrows 10 Jan 2013

It starts with XTC preciousness but it ends divinely. Wish they'd done more of this stripped-down production.   1

areseven 9 Mar 2012

From "Apple Venus" by the always wonderful XTC. Never made a bad album.   4

AndyWilkinson 28 Apr 2014

Radio is playing this while I review project notes. One of my favourite love songs ever! @xtcfans

pooblemoo 5 Sep 2012