No Thugs In Our House by XTC

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but Blacklisted was first  

Ah.....the flames of righteous indignation........AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

davefilby10 22 Aug 2014

Personally a fave For reasons I cannot fully Express Means so very much this week   2

pooblemoo 20 Mar 2014

I tell ya what, Thatcher's Britain is alive and well down under!

FoxInSox 5 Oct 2014

If you're not a fan of XTC - don't worry - some people aren't! If you are, and you haven't searched out the fine BBC compilation box set "Transistor Blast" - what's WRONG with you??

itsFuzzyfm 29 Jan 2015

#XTCweek Rocks On! Big thanks to @UncannyUK for starting this. This is exactly why I joined TIMJ. To fill in the huge gaps in my library. To seek out new life and new civilisation. To boldly go ...... Hang on a minute ....   6

HawklordElf 4 Dec 2013

Continuing with my theme of singing XTC songs to my puppy: "No barks in our house, / Are there, dear? / We made that clear: / We made little Murphy promise us he'd be a good dog."   5

melvillean 29 May 2014