Stupidly Happy by XTC

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“Andy Partridge finds the love of his life, Erica Wexler...”

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Andy Partridge finds the love of his life, Erica Wexler...

sirterence 4 Sep 2015

no one layers pop like xtc layers pop.

timcaynes 5 Feb 2014

Andy Partridge: “The dumbest but happiest song I ever wrote. I found the one riff that Keith Richard hadn't. Hopefully says in music what the singer (me) experiences. I'm in love and in a happy groove.”   2

sirterence 6 Mar 2015

#XTCweek (feel free to join in!). From the last (to date) XTC album 'Wasp Star' and sounding as fresh as they did twenty years before. Brilliantly based round one riff, this should have been a big hit but of course wasn't. Frightening to think it was released over a dozen years ago. Gah!   5

UncannyUK 1 Dec 2013

What a great way to end #xtcfortnight, with this relentlessly cheerful and brilliantly composed pop song all built round one riff. 2000 AD saw XTC's final album 'Wasp Star': as fresh and vibrant as any of their previous albums, demonstrating that Andy Partridge in particular was still at the top of his songwriting game. Tragedy it came to an end but at least they ended on a high.   2

UncannyUK 21 Dec 2014

Have this on the brain, total earworm. Lovely record though now associated w/ selling bloody crap sofas grrr

katylindemann 25 Feb 2012