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This song is a treat. It just builds and builds Karen O showing her best vocal talents of anything I've heard her do. This video is the long version and it'll do nicely its superb.

billythepost 10 Mar 2015

Oh dispair, it's always been there! One of the highlights from tonight's show in Leeds

mikeyjeff1970 2 May 2013

Song two in the #slightlydodgyvocals extravaganza. The studio "acoustic" version is my fave but this live version hits the mark genre-wise. Still, all tracks I love despite, or perhaps because of the vocals.   11

BarneyRubble 26 Sep 2013

It's just bloody marvellous.

billythepost 19 Oct 2014

Yes it's their weakest album but it still has some excellent moments n this 1 is a big moment......   1

Oldy86 5 Aug 2013

Departing the Bones theme and just going straight to Despair.... I wasn't so taken with 'Sacrilege' but this I really like.   1

smette 26 Jun 2013