Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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#RockBand4 songs I'd kill to have, we're getting close to the end (8/10). I think we're overdue for another song from these guys in the game!

fryedrycestyle 12 May 2015

They are incapable of releasing a bad record.

RobBritton 4 Sep 2015

New albums sounding good....

mikeyjeff1970 17 Apr 2013

Seems like an appropriate jam for being up in northern Minnesota on the lake. Now, if I could only find a dragonfly song for tomorrow...

sweeter 30 Jun 2013

The best and eponymous track from the new YYY album. For those that love metaphors...

WineAlchemy1 14 Jun 2013

3 minutes of pure scuzzy, throbbing, punky YYY.

sweeter 17 Apr 2013