And You and I by Yes

“This song is my happy place.”

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This song is my happy place.

Truebe 9 May 2012

There'll be no mutant enemy, we shall certify.

djehuti 24 Jan 2015

I must have bought 'Close to the Edge' 40 years ago and aside from a brief non-prog interval during the 80's 'And You and I' has remained a constant in a changing world. Listened to it on a train last night and realised again what a thing of beauty it is.   1

philgeorge54 4 Dec 2013

Yes. And You and I. 10 minutes well spent. Enjoy please.

Scott85730 26 May 2013

Pulled this up on Spotify while driving in a Maxfield Parrish sunset. It's long & prog, but oh so worth it.   1

danworkman 22 Nov 2012

let's do this man

jeem 29 Aug 2015