Roundabout (Live) by Yes

“In honor of Chris Squire's passing. God, I loved Yes. Still do.”

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In honor of Chris Squire's passing. God, I loved Yes. Still do.   2

Evaine 7 Jul 2015

My love for Steve Howe's bizarre guitar playing knows no bounds. Yes had some great musicians, and crazy prog rock timings, & there's plenty in there to get into, but only Howe stands out for me as utterly stretching the guitar parts. In my head, & probably many guitarists have this too, sounds evoke particular guitarists. So, sometimes when I plug in a strat to a clean amp, the spirit of Steve takes me. Other times the sound I get on plugging in & switching on reminds me of Vai, so I'll shred, or Pass, so I'll swing out. I once channelled Brian May! All I am saying is Steve Howe is one of these iconic spirits --not a man, not a guitarist, not a musician, he's a 'sound', and when you get that 'sound' or hear that 'sound', how can you not but be reminded of the great Steve Howe. Beyond the sound, the man is a devil to untangle - completely unique techniques, finger picking while holding a plectrum, experiments in dobros & slides, bluegrass licks tacked onto Bach-like legato runs. Enjoy   8

daved 22 Jul 2014

Been watching a lot of the new Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure anime and this is the ED theme (the studio version).

thecx 28 Feb 2013

Another piece of my youth gone. RIP to #bassist & founding @YesOfficial member Chris Squire. "Roundabout" live 1972. #progrock   2

kzone8 29 Jun 2015

Got my ticket today. Only taken me 43 years!

niallb1 19 Jun 2013