Roundabout by Yes

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but phillip.karst was first  

Got This on Vinyl too.

arrisonjwarner 10 Oct 2012

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure got this song stuck in my head forever.   1

gpike 20 Aug 2015

I will always love this song & the excellent album "Fragile "   3

alan50vin 7 Nov 2013

I was watching season 1 episode 1 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and I was expecting some English rock music and finally at the end, the song started playing. Great song.   1

shauryab98 10 Aug 2015

The first CD I ever bought....   5

DavidAnderson 1 Oct 2014

Chris Squire R.I.P. Still one of the best bass lines ever!   4

mlong3rdfl 28 Jun 2015