The Fox by Ylvis

“A little late on this, but yeah. Out of control.”

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A little late on this, but yeah. Out of control.

amgo 9 Sep 2013

This is just messed up no matter how you look at it LOL Gave me flashbacks of Crazy Frog :-(

krash51 15 Sep 2013

Might as well contribute to the inevitable virality of this earworming pop weapon. Anyway, it's a silly question for anyone who lives in urban London, since we all clearly know what noise foxes make - that distinctive plaintive mewling and shrieking that they bust out at 3am that sounds like a scene from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit being played at full volume.   3

iivix 28 Sep 2013

'Cow goes moo Frog goes croak And the elephant goes toot ...But what does the fox say?' Answers on a postcard to the usual address.   45

AlicejustMay 7 Sep 2013

I don't even....

SamanthaQ 27 Sep 2013

I've listened to this about a dozen times and I still don't know what the fox says. Does anyone really know?

benoc617 15 Oct 2013