Friday I'm In Love by Yo La Tengo


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Yo La Tengo's covers are always great but this video for their version of Friday I'm In Love is amazing

citriccomics 19 Aug 2015

Hi all, this week's New Reels takes a look at this fabulous cover and brand new single from Yo La Tengo taken from their forthcoming covers album. We hope you enjoy!   2

MVD 20 Jul 2015

Too much love will kill you   2

abhean13 30 Aug 2015

Sunny Glorious Friday

NiamhIrving 7 Aug 2015

Y is for Yo La Tengo. This is taken from their recently released album Stuff Like That There. This is a cover of a song by The Cure (it originally appeared on Wish which came out in 1992). I was pretty surprised that Yo La made a video for this!   1

AheadByEcho 24 Sep 2015

Nice cover is nice.   8

thesunneversets 15 Jul 2015