Let's Save Tony Orlando's House by Yo La Tengo


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This is what I imagined house parties full of interesting people sounded like. It's forever awesome.

EveBadia 28 Aug 2013

Jamming along with my pastry brush here. Tea and crumpets.

giveusasong 28 Jan 2014

The best song about one washed-up singer committing an act of arson against another washed-up singer ever written. Probably also the best song named after an obscure Simpsons reference ever written.

alexcornetto 28 Jan 2015

Best song named after a Simpsons reference ever.   1

ShawnFactorial 10 Nov 2011

An oldie, but a goodie.   3

BelloDiNotte 26 Nov 2013

Stop Press! Ben in Yo La Tengo Jam Shocker!

RoyDCour 24 Mar 2014