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Number 7 in my albums of 2013 is "Fade" by Yo La Tengo. This is one of my favourite songs of last year with an excellent animated video to boot.   10

AndyWilkinson 8 Jan 2014

best math equation ever   3

Section42L 17 Aug 2013

Listening to Pitchfork's 200 Best Tracks Of The Decade and being pleased about how many of them are on our labels... I hadn't seen the cool video for this before. Resistance is futile?   4

thesunneversets 18 Aug 2014

Another year, another belter from YLT.

andycatlin 13 Dec 2012

my favorite Yo La Tengo song ever, from "Fade" (2013)...and this video...has everything   5

vomitsunami 10 Jul 2015

Magical Mystery Bore   39

kemiladashdot 25 Nov 2013