Stockholm Syndrome by Yo La Tengo


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I wonder if I'd be a different person if I only listened to relentlessly upbeat music? And would it be worth it if I couldn't listen to Yo La Tengo any more?

countryboy 17 Jul 2014

Is it so hard to be free and easy?   1

kdd 15 Apr 2014

There's no more Forever Jams, but this should probably play at my funeral. Thanks for the fun, TIMJ!

misuba 23 Aug 2015

Another season, but the same old feelings Another reason could be I'm tired of aching, summer's what you make it But I'll believe what I want to believe #yolatengo

codyb 20 Aug 2015

My last jam? One of my all time favorites.   1

RLzicar 10 Aug 2015

Let's make this three Yo La Tengo's in a row: after Georgia singing twice it's Ira's turn in this 1997 masterpiece. | "I'll believe what I want to believe"|   2

ookrene 16 Oct 2014