Sugarcube by Yo La Tengo

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but finoradin was first  

In honour of their spiffing new album   3

TBBYNH 14 Jan 2013

The best part of this song is at 2m21s.

melvillean 13 Jun 2012

What a boring choice. But it's a great song and I've been listening to these a lot recently   10

mjgBZ32 6 Feb 2014

Is #ThisIsMyJam really going away now? If so, here is my final, final jam

stacifab 25 Sep 2015

"Try to be more assured, try to be more right there / Try to be less uptight, try to be more aware"

Jeroen 25 Aug 2015

#ABCsOfMe If I'd know how wonderfully daft this video was, I would've jammed this ages ago.   2

crawtonleek 16 Mar 2015