Get Up by Young Fathers

“I cannot get enough of these. I love them sooooooo much.”

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I cannot get enough of these. I love them sooooooo much.

trixibelle 16 Nov 2014

Listened to this a ridiculous amount of times yesterday.   11

savagetea 5 Feb 2014

Right, time for a curveball methinks, which might go down like a lead balloon, but what the hell !:)This was featured in a BBC two part scottish drama concluding last week called"Stonemouth" based on an Iain Banks novel, which I really enjoyed, that courtesy of Soundhound I finally tracked down who recorded it..Oh it's just good to hear something strikingly original for me, even if it's 18 months old :)   2

garyprice265 22 Jun 2015

These guys are really exciting.   5

markcmphillips 5 Feb 2014

When m'colleague Molly told me she was going to see this band live (aaaaages back) I thought she said "Young Farmers", which conjured up a very different band in my mind's eye. I do quite like the band they actually are too, though...   2

thesunneversets 5 Mar 2014

New album's out but this track is pretty timeless. #tbt (a minor throwback)

vihreakuolema88 17 Apr 2015