'Rain Or Shine' by Young Fathers

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#NEW/2015 Spacey, tense & relentlessly metronomic....Could almost pass for a Joy Division song if the voice was deeper! I like the last minute of this where it seems to move up into 'cruise mode'  From the new album, "White men are black men too"   19

debutch 7 Jun 2015

Just heard this on the Steve Lamacq show..

renzomazzolini 5 Feb 2015

Impossible to not like.   3

abner07 6 Jul 2015

So much for the sophomore slump or Mercury kiss of death, the new Young Fathers album is great.

grillpanda 21 Apr 2015

The new album is already being jammed to death but needs must - it's that good!   1

arseheart 15 Apr 2015

Let's hope for more shine than rain this in the coming months yo! @Youngfathers #RainOrShine

Deanways 22 Apr 2015