Principal's Office by Young M.C.

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For Uncle Buh

frogbath 23 Feb 2013

Ah yeah, UKs answer to The Fresh Prince.. That said he lived in America most of his life, explains the accent

BB 24 Apr 2013

So to my first class, I run and don't walk, all I hear is my sneakers and the scratchin' of chalk.   1

ZeusRambo 6 Sep 2012

This is an old skool joint from my childhood. Not really a classic, but I woke up with this in my head.

babelfish76 11 Sep 2013

Ah yeah, UKs answer to The Fresh Prince.... back when UK rap stars used American accents

BB 24 Apr 2013

Who doesn't love this song?

bobbyboulders 30 Aug 2015