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Time for one more #finaljam . From tomorrow on I'll be Juking at the Jukebox ( ). Hope to see you there too.

paull_nl 26 Sep 2015

A spot of post-punk... stark, bleak, a bit ambient and rather lovely.

richard.edgley 29 Nov 2011

Apparently I've been mostly into short, sweet, sub-2-minute songs this week. Here's one of the shortest and sweetest.   4

thesunneversets 5 Jun 2015

Here it is, then. I'll join you all for a bit of a Jam fest after work.   4

crawtonleek 25 Sep 2015

Woke with a hangover on Wednesday. Been writing to YMG ever since.   3

kierongillen 9 Mar 2012

Well, one more after this before its time for my boot heels to go wanderin' If I haven't managed to personally say goodbye, forgive me. I am having to rely on my cell phone to upload jams and it's frustratingly slow to do so. My gratitude to all of you for entertaining and enlightening me. Back again with the last huzzah tomorrow   4

whiffoself 25 Sep 2015