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Not my usual sort of thing at all, but I am quite taken with this song.

markrdavison 25 Mar 2014

Kate Bush-soundalike...modern fuzzpop classic...less than two minutes long. Of course I love this!   3

Rocklobster 4 Mar 2014

Kate Bush's tomboyish younger sister

cliffmiddleton 12 Mar 2014

Heard this song for the first time on Friday at Wales Goes Pop and it's been bouncing about inside my head ever since. This couple make a hell of a racket and can knock out a great tune all in under 120 seconds.   2

RedBrickDream 20 Apr 2014

Short and sweet!

poc275 1 Feb 2014

Debut single from Young Romance, out on Chess Club Records on 10th March

jaketurnbull93 11 Feb 2014