Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band

“Love me a country ballad.”

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Love me a country ballad.

jamesdavidward 23 Feb 2015

Ten years back I was living with a girlfriend of mine. We got along horribly. We fought all the time and only got worse as time went by. After that ended I told myself it'd be a long time before I ever lived with someone I was involved with. That kind of arrangement can be the tipping point for an inevitable break-up. ¶ But what if you find the right one? ¶ Toby graduates next year. She's also made it clear she intends to continue her studies in graduate school, probably outside of California. Now I find myself with the opposite problem of wanting to be with someone, but having to uproot my life to do so. The benefits are numerous. Everyone's always saying that you should be willing to sacrifice almost anything to be with the person you love. My biggest concern is that this isn't just a phase for her. I mean--she's coming back from Japan and already she wants to move away from where she lives now. My fear sincerely is that she'll always have that wandering spirit... and I never will.

mojoshivers 16 Jul 2013

I don't think I've ever heard this song before this week.

houstonjhoward 11 Jan 2014