Brown Sugar by ZZ Top

“Grow a beard. Now.”

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Grow a beard. Now.

FRalph1976 15 Jan 2013

That riff at 1.40.... why did no one tell me ZZ Top used to be AMAZING?

jimunwin 21 Aug 2012

ZZ Top, 'Brown Sugar'. #PKDJukeBox

palmer_eldritch 22 Apr 2013

I saw @casinoboogie last jam and it made me wanna post my favorite ZZ Top song. This song is timeless to me, it just never gets old!   6

MariaElena 19 Jun 2014

Such an underrated guitarist and a great song.

LewisJWright 17 May 2014

I would not object to TDS covering this brilliant ballad.

Psychonaut4 22 May 2015