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joshhornik  Joshua Hornik

Into The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, George Harrison, Modest Mouse…

“Burlingame, CA, USA. Fan of indie pop/rock, 60s/70s soul, and the occasional classic rock. @joshhornik on twitter. http://www.RecliningPig.com/”

mjgBZ32  Michael J. Graham

Into PJ Harvey, Interpol, Sleater-Kinney, The Rolling Stones…

“The best synonym for popular is 'shit'. TIMJ seems to be a happy place for people with functioning ears”

seaofheartbreak  Sea of Heartbreak

Into Bernadette Carroll, Ray Peterson, Del Shannon, The Whyte Boots…

“Your one-stop hub for lovelorn records. (brought to you by the artist formerly known as Death Ditties).”