3 people loved vorbis’s jam Solista Praguejado

cello_m  CELLO_M

Into Tashaki Miyaki, Tobin Sprout, Reigning Sound, Beverly McKay…

“I am officially *all over the place*. I'm at http://8tracks.com/cello_m and at either nusiki.com or godsjukebox.com, as cello_m. Thanks for all the jams here at TIMJ and look forward to more jam…”

roze  Florence Rozema

Into The Blue Rhythm Combo, T-Bone Walker, Helen Hall, Johnny Cash…

“Look for me at Let's Loop or Nusiki or God's Jukebox.”

mondosalvo  Paul

Into Quincy Jones ft. Boomer & Travis, Ed Ames, Margie Joseph, Stevie Wonder…

“Here I jammed from 14 Nov 2011 - 26 Sep 2015. I hobnobbed with dozens of amazing people in this place. If I don't reconnect with all of you elsewhere, know that you were part of the best time I've eve…”